Second Life Waist Seaming Tutorial

Hello there !

So here is a first Tutorial about a custom waist seamless template i made with Blender, I know there are several ways to work on the waist seam but here is my method, I really hope this will help !

What you would need : an image editor (Photoshop or Gimp) and Blender (wich is free), here I’m using Jass magic one, based on Blender 2.49 and optimised with second life sculpting scripts, wich can be found on (costs 4000L)

You may also download the zip containing my custom template and blend file : Here (Link updated 04/02/2013)
(if link is broken please leave a comment under this post I’ll try to fix it as fast as i can)

This template only works with waist seaming as you can see, but can be modified and customized to make any other parts match together (shoulders, sides, head etc..), If I’m not too busy and if this method is not only succesful to me (wich I hope) I’ll try to create additional templates. Feel free to comment/ask questions under this post, I’ll try to answer !

(and pardon my crazy english)
So here we go !

And for the top part?

Tutorial written by Maylee Oh (in Second Life), working on Summer Shorts for The Secret Store. ©2011

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9 responses to “Second Life Waist Seaming Tutorial

  1. steffyghost

    OMG Maylee!! I was freaking out trying to figure out how to make the pants seams match with the jacket layer.
    Thank you very much for the tutorial. *hugs*

  2. Pande

    no working links for your custom blend file neither for Jass magic one optimized file for blender…
    can you help me MayleeOh?

  3. Jonathan

    Hi Maylee, thank you sooo much for this tutorial…but I tried it and correct me if this step was unnecessary but I had to set the UV Map Input to the seamless UV in order for the UVTex to bake properly….unless i missed a step but i felt confident that i followed your tutorial exactly.

  4. Laurah

    Hi Maylee,

    I tried your tutorial twice. Everything works fine till to the point where I click on Bake for the lower part. The result looks kinda misplaced and jolted. It doesnt fit to the “normal” template. Do you have any idea what the cause may be?


  5. John

    Thanks for the tutorial! the unwrapped grid of the avi does not open like in pic 2…the top and bottom are on top of each other and its all messy. Any clue how to fix it?
    Thank you again.

  6. Quteapie3

    Hi there, first I’d like to thank you for the time you took to make this tutorial. However; I tried this with the blender version you specified, and when I press bake. The bake texture is distorted.

    Secondly, I would like to request two things, if there are within your time and capabilities. 1. Could you make an updated version of this tutorial that works with the current version of blender. (I.e Blender 2.69) or 2. Could you do a tutorial on how to get the uv grid the way you did it. (I.e The top and bottom templates). Please if you could, this would be really appreciated.


    • Quteapie3

      Okay, so after some work and a little tinkering. I have this setup to work in Blender 2.69. If anyone needs the new Blend file, I’ll happily send it to you.

      Also this tutorial will require some updating, since it missed a few steps initially, that could potentially cause confusion. Maybe I’ll do a youtube video of it and post the link here for anyone needing help in the future.


      • Hello, sorry I’m a bit late on this, I have been way too busy to keep this tutorial updated unfortunately, please leave another comment here if you make a youtube video so I can put the link in the blog post to redirect people !

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